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Beat the Blues: Things to do in London in January

Ask just about anyone what their least favourite month of the year is and they’ll probably tell you January. The joy of Christmas has passed, money is tight, days are short, and the weather rarely allows for much time spent outside. Instead of wallowing in the negativity that has a tendency to sweep across the nation, get yourself out of your rut by planning some fun things to do in January in London!

Why choose London in January?

England’s capital never fails to disappoint, regardless of the season. There are new things to see and do each and every day you spend in the city, no matter how many times you’ve been there before. It’s jam-packed with all sorts of activities, whether you’re one who prefers curious, labyrinthine bookshops and quirky museums, or something a little more adrenaline-filled like indoor skydiving. Not to mention the world-class food and wealth of historical landmarks.

Things to do in London in January 2020

Thanks to the UK’s fabulously unpredictable weather, you’re likely to be focussing on indoor activities to do in London in January. Here are some more unusual ideas to try;

Namco Funscape– located just across the river from Parliament, Namco is a fantastic arcade space offering a great range of games and activities. Find retro Mario and Pac-Man, a Big-style Zoltar fortune teller, air-hockey, bumper cars, and tons more. Even better, it’s free to enter – just pay as you go for games tokens.

Indoor Crazy Golf – there are a few venues offering indoor golf in London, each with quirky courses in well-decorated spaces, and adjacent bars. Choose from good old-fashioned pen and paper games or more futuristic ones with digitised golf balls to keep score!

Unique cinema experience – London boasts some amazing unique cinemas, from gorgeous traditional venues to the elaborate cinema at Selfridges department store. Curl up with your loved ones to enjoy a film in a lavish Londonesque cinema.

The British Library – you don’t have to be an out-and-proud bookworm to appreciate The British Library – the largest library in the world according to number of pieces catalogued. With a history dating back to 1753, today the British Library is home to some fascinating and important literature - including medieval manuscripts and five copies of Shakespeare’s First Folios from 1623.

Events in January in London

As well as taking in London’s permanent offerings, if you’ll be in the capital during the early part of the year, there are a number of great events you could check out.

London International Mime Festival

Running from 8th January to 2nd February, this annual occasion has been running for more than 40 years. This year will see a thrilling program of events running all over the city. Think silent movies, puppet shows, masks and other live theatre. Find out more on the official website.

Chinese New Year

2020’s CNY is on Saturday 25th January, and this year’s parade in London will be held in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 26th. There will be plenty of performances and displays to see all over Chinatown and the West End area, not to mention some incredible Chinese street food.

London Art Fair

Galleries across London are taking part in this year’s fair, by exhibiting thought-provoking contemporary pieces. There are plenty of tours and talks taking place, as well as Thursday Late nights so you can get your arts and culture hit after a long day in the office.

Burns Night

The life of 18th century Scottish poet, Robert Burns, is commemorated every year on his birthday - January 25th. In London you can take part in the celebrations happening all over the city with a wee dram of whisky and some neeps and tatties, and of course a night of partying.

London is a real haven of activities at all times of the year, so January need not be skewed by the winter blues or limited by Dry January. Instead, book an overnight stay in the capital and treat yourself to an adventurous weekend exploring everything the city has to offer. Book now and save on your Gem Hotel stay.